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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How To Pick The Right Saddle Blanket Seat Covers

Isn't it ironic that saddle blanket seat covers are probably the things most overlooked in a person's truck. We forget too easily how the seats affect the entire look of the truck. They are an integral part of any truck. They keep your seats safe from harmful elements and protect them from dirt. Additionally, a proper seat cover will maintain your seat's orginal shape.

There are numerous designed saddle blanket seat covers available on the market. Many are made with different fabrics such as silk and cotton so as not to irritate the skin. For instance, a baby seat cover provides some protection to the infant while the truck is travelling. Additionally you can maintain cleanliness by detaching and washing it in your washing machine at home.

There are numerous materials used for seat covers:

Poly-cotton is the most common fabric used to achieve a soft, comfortable touch. It is soft to the touch, and provides endless protection for your seats.

Sheepskin is the second-most commonly used material for seat covers. Sheepskin acts like a thermostat: it maintains the warm when it's cold, and the cool when it's hot.

UV Protected Sheets are another popular choice of material for making velour seat covers. Like saddle blanket seat covers made with poly-cotton, they are very soft to the touch. Seat covers of this kind will also prevent your seats from wearing out.

Several different kinds of seat covers are available. The first type is called a Universal auto seat cover. These types of covers are a universal fit so they fit nearly every kind of truck seat, including high-back bucket seats and low-back seats.

The other type of seat cover is custom made. These are made specifically for a vehicle's make, model and year. They are made to the specific dimensions of each truck seat. Every detail of the truck seat is pondered over when creating creating custom Because the specific dimensions of your truck are tailored for, the fitting is considered perfect.

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